Rhodochrosite Bracelet


These enchanting spheres of Rhodochrosite crystals dance with joy and life. These gorgeous crystals are interwoven with Sterling Silver rawa pieces to form a mystical and beautiful piece of jewellery. This bracelet will be one to treasure forever!

Crystal Measurement width: Approximately 6mm
Weight: Approximately 11.9g
Bracelet length: Approximately 17.8cm
Material: Solid s925 Sterling Silver
Crystal: genuine Rhodochrosite.

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Rhodochrosite is such an interesting and varied crystal with very few of them being exactly the same. It is a heart centred crystal, capable of bringing in joy and love and is a true healer of past emotional hurt. Healing, vibrant and powerful, this beautiful crystal has so many different patterns and swirls that rarely are two pieces very similar. It helps on the creative side as well as balancing and harmonising us. It also helps us to know our own self worth and to become more self aware. 

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You may or may not receive the exact bracelet that is displayed here. The colour of the crystal bracelet received can also vary (usually only slightly) to the image displayed. The colour that is displayed depends not only on the actual colour of the individual crystals but also on your monitor/device that displays the product.

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