About Us – AusSpirit

AusSpirit Essences are a new and unique healing modality. They were developed through a guided process using completely natural materials, energies and influences.
These essences evolved from over two decades of research and experiences into, and of, natural and alternative healing methods. They are based on a belief that this universe provides everything we need to survive, evolve, heal and be happy, provided that we are aware beings with a basic, caring attitude towards ourselves, others and this earth. Whilst sometimes more direct and less harmonious methods may be necessary for our survival, natural maintenance and prevention practices are personally believed to be far more beneficial on every level of existence.
They are bought to you with the hope and knowledge that they are extremely powerful, healing and advanced vibrational instruments which will assist you on multiple levels.
Our jewellery and crystals work in perfect harmony with our essences and blends. Enormous care is taken with every piece that is offered for sale.
We are a Brisbane (Australian) based company. We have an extremely strong, ethics based perspective where all beings and matter are honoured and respected.
We respect your privacy and do not sell or share your information unless it is required for delivery or other associated purposes. We also respect our environment and this beautiful planet and attempt at every stage to practise this with our essences, jewellery, crystals and packaging. There is usually some bubble wrap used to protect the bottles and crystals, which we hope you will re-use.
Much love and happiness,
Trish Buchanan Ink Pty Ltd t/a
AusSpirit. A.B.N. 35 601 556 585