Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver is believed to manifest health and wealth, increase intuition, acts as a barrier to negativity, assists perseverance and communication, is balancing and is a mirror to the soul.

Sterling silver represents wealth and prosperity. It is gentler than other precious metals as it allows the wearer to be calmer, more tolerant and patient. It allows a greater connection to the emotional side of life as it is the metal of the moon and brings in the lunar vibrations. It allows us to be more in tune with the flow of the universe, thereby creating a more pleasant and enjoyable state.

Sterling silver has the ability to reflect negativity. It assists with perseverance and communication. Its very nature means that it can be used for healing purposes by the wearer and by healers.

Said to enhance the powers of the moon, it boosts psychic abilities and allows a greater connection with the astral body thereby producing psychic dreams when sleeping. It brings in calmness and balance thereby being a mirror to the soul.

Healing and calming, sterling silver pieces are capable of adding enjoyment to life on multiple levels.

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