Crystal Care

Crystals are very healing and give us an enormous amount of their energy for our benefit. This, however, does drain them.

Additionally, they can also absorb our, and other people’s, disharmonious energies. This also drains them and clogs up their energy.

Consequently, they need to be cleansed (take out the yuk) and recharged (put good stuff back in) on a regular basis.

Cleansing a Crystal or Jewellery

  • Ask the spirit world to cleanse the crystal for you
  • Use our amazing Cleanse and Protect Essence (featured below) to remove all disharmonious energies (not on selenite and some others – please check the crystal properties to ensure it is ok with a fluid cleanse)
  • Sage the piece

Recharging a Crystal or Jewellery

  • Moonlight
  • Running water (depends on crystal)
  • Sometimes sunlight (depends on crystal)

Cleanse & Protect Essence

Cleanse & Protect Essence