Rhodochrosite is a crystal of love, joy, happiness, self caring, self awareness and emotional healing. Strongly connected to the heart centre and all matters to do with the heart including forgiveness, healing, compassion and love.

This crystal will encourage you to move forward from past emotional events by bringing in an energy that gives you the strength and drive to deal with and move away from any event or emotion that is holding you back.

It balances and harmonises us on multiple levels and increases the amount of happiness and joy within us. It is an amazing crystal for those who feel alone. Also great for those who are anxious or in any stress.

They are strong energetic crystals which also help with the emotions and self worth. Knowing that you are important is a remarkable feature that Rhodochrosite is very good at. They can also stimulate your natural creativity and helps to start new probjects.

Leos and Scorpios generally like this crystal a great deal.

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