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Short description: Assists with spiritual, emotional and personal growth, confidence, self belief, personal understanding and knowledge ….. 

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Available in two sizes: 50ml at $18 and 100ml at $25.

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Personal Growth Essence is excellent for those wishing to grow both spiritually and emotionally.

It cleanses outdated belief systems that are not in our best interests so that growth is facilitated. It helps with confidence levels, increased personal understanding and knowledge, personal development and self belief. A sense of peace is engendered with this process.

Confidence levels are increased due to a greater depth of understanding of ourselves, our talents, abilities and strengths. The ability to understand ourselves at a deeper level leads to greater personal knowledge. And once we understand and know ourselves better, it is far easier to understand others. Knowledge is power and this essence gives us this, our own very important personal power. Fogs and uncertainty are banished. In their place are understanding, growth and unconditional love.

Our own personal development surges ahead with this beautiful essence. It empowers us to have the courage and knowledge to make the right choices for our own self; emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Whichever way our own growth is best for us, this essence ensures that our development is in line with our higher purpose.

These attributes of this essence ensures that we are able to shed ourselves of any beliefs and attitudes that do not serve us well. Personal knowledge and understanding of the self makes it incredibly easy to clear all previously learnt incorrect beliefs that belong to others, and which do not synchronise with our whole being.  We are able to grow into stronger beings, our true self. 

This is a very calm and peaceful process and we feel completely protected and supported during this journey.

This essence facilitates not only strong positive growth but also accelerated growth when it is in the users’ best interests. It supports us through every level of change enabling positive outcomes, desirable change and increased confidence, strength, knowledge and understanding on every level.

A true master essence, this one is justly one of the important ones in the range. Combine this with Cleanse and Protect, you enable a clear, rapid path to growing on all levels.  

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