Short description: Assists with ‘solid as a rock’, can’t be moved, feet firmly planted on and in the ground, connection to earth, sense of belonging and being part of the process …..

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Available in two sizes: 50ml at $18 and 100ml at $25.

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In brief – full description pending

  • gives us such an incredible connection to this earth, so strong that we feel that we are part of it and belong to it in a very powerful way
  • particularly good for when we are feeling as though we do not have a connection or a home base in this world – gives us a sense of belonging which may be missing
  • makes us feel strong and powerful as we can draw the strength of this earth up into ourselves – as though nothing can knock us over
  • fantastic at bringing us down to earth if we are up in the clouds and too scattered to be effective.
  • strength, power, solid
  • feel at ease with any situation or event
  • rock solid base, immovable, whilst at the same time giving us a gentle, lavender glow and connection to spirit
  • helps with decision making process as the solutions provided allow for clarity and precise, analytical thinking – peace of mind
  • able to clearly see the best choices to make, solutions to challenges
  • a calm rational approach
  • able to think outside the box to solve issues
  • ability to see far down the path to the ramifications of choices
  • sense of connectedness helps overcome fears
  • an anchor from the base chakra with a line to spirit
  • assists where hyperactivity is present

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 cm

50ml, 100ml