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This beautiful and gentle essence assists with, and promotes meaningful and confident communication on every level. Clearing blockages that prevent clear, assertive conversations, it assists our own personal communication, better discourse with others, greater understanding of ourselves, others and events, self confidence and understanding, and acceptance of our own worth and importance.

Communication Essences clears blockages out of the throat chakra to allow better, and promote, crystal clear communication with ourselves and others. Breaking down any barriers to enjoyable discourse, this essence calms any tension that exists to allow the free flowing exchanges of ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

Allowing us to be confident in our own ability to clearly state our own needs, wants, and desires, it assists us to achieve that which we need for our own purpose. It gives us the freedom to allow ourselves to talk, to voice our concerns, to not have to remain silent. It helps us to find our voice.

It promotes inner communication with ourselves. Often in life we have not developed the ability to find out from ourselves exactly what it is that we want or need for our own development. This essence heals any past issues which may prevent us from self exploration and allows us to completely be ourselves, giving us the ability to communicate well. It brings out the deeper, inner communication needed for self understanding, development and growth. It allows us to be better able to express ourselves emotionally, both with ourself and with others.

This essence enhances clear, concise, assertive, respectful, calm and reasoned discourse with other people, both in our personal and working lives. Bolstering self-confidence and allowing us to stand in our own power to present our point of view, it assists us to be poised, centred and balanced, all of which contribute to clear and confident communication. This also allows shyness to be overcome.

Communication Essence allows us to be more receptive to others, while we listen when they are speaking and understand them, their side of their story and events.  It promotes insight and greater understanding of any situation which then engenders meaningful communication.

This essence allows us to know that we are important and that what we say is important. We are able to express ourselves in a joyful, meaningful way. Additionally, it achieves balance between over communication and under communication by clearing disharmonious blocks which can result in verbose or scarce communication.

Use of the essence results in a beautiful flower opening of the throat chakra so that all communication is pleasant and respectful. It also assists with communication with the spirit world. It enables us to ask for what we need, and if we listen, we will hear the answers. It also helps with writers block. Drawing the strength of Mother Earth into our body to enable strong clear communication, it assists to clear a muddled brain which is inhibiting conversation.

Communication Essence assists us on every level to better connect, not only with ourselves, but also with others to achieve a more pleasant and harmonious life. Allowing us to find our own voice, confidence, and personal power, we are able to confidently and clearly communicate with all.

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