Moss Agate Bracelet


Moss Agate is amazing at bringing in peaceful energies into our bodies and allowing us to feel relaxed, protected and confident. This gorgeous bracelet has a combination of larger and smaller moss agate crystals alternating with beautiful s925 solid silver sterling beads. Beautiful to own and wear. 

Crystal Measurement: Larger cystals approximately 7mm (length) x 4-5mm width
Weight: Approximately 3.4g
Bracelet length: Approximately 17cm + 3cm
Material: Solid s925 Sterling Silver
Crystal: genuine Moss Agate

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Moss Agate is very definitely a crystal of new beginnings, peace, joy, happiness, love of self, communication, abundance, prosperity, creativity, renewal, atability, hope and joy. It is also very good for the intake of peaceful energy, building psychic abilities, promoting endurance and giving protection.

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You may or may not receive the exact bracelet that is displayed here. The colour of the crystal bracelet received can also vary (usually only slightly) to the image displayed. The colour that is displayed depends not only on the actual colour of the individual crystals but also on your monitor/device that displays the product.

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Weight .006 kg