All agates have the basic properties of the agate crystal. Additionally, they also have the specific properties of that particular agate. First, read the description of all agate crystals and then read the more specific properties of the crystal of interest.

Agate is a subtle yet powerful healer that has a long lasting impact. They have the ability to find the true cause of an issue and work on that to achieve success. These crystals are grounding and are powerful cleansers. They stabilise and harmonise and are capable of uncovering facts and allowing you to see them, bringing hidden information to light.

They are soothing and calming and assist in self acceptance. Able to facilitate overcoming bitterness, they can also heal inner anger by bringing love into the chakras. They are capable of facilitating spiritual growth and helping us to be more courageous.

These crystals may not seem to be the fastest workers but they have a very long lasting impact. They balance our energies whilst protecting us, both from others and from negative energies. They are capable of dispelling fears and thereby encouraging strength, both in the emotional and the mind. They encourage creativity and allow us to be ourselves more on a daily basis with increased self-confidence and awareness.

An agate crystal is a form of chalcedony and is frequently, yet not always, banded.

Blue Agate

The power of communication is greatly enhanced by this beautiful crystal. Blue is the colour of the throat chakra and most blue crystals are incredibly good at assisting in communication and neck and upper shoulder challenges.

Agates are amazing healers and this blue crystal assists not only in high stress work, but it also helps to care for other people as you are much more easily able to communicate on a meaningful level.

Blue agates are also able to calm feelings and soothes fears and can assist with air travel. It also assists with courage and wise choices. Radiating a calm demeanour, you will benefit greatly from this beautiful crystal.

As it is a crystal of communication our metaphysical awareness can increase as it assists with communication on all levels, including spiritually.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is a very calming, balancing and soothing crystal.

It is an excellent communication crystal, and particularly good at allowing you to channel metaphysical messages for yourself and others. It also allows healing to occur as communication flows freely and you are able to be calm, strong and confident with every level of communication. It also helps to release both recent and stored up anger in the correct way, also facilitating healing.

Assisting in meditation and all spiritual endeavours, it allows calm, crucial and important endeavours to proceed as you can clearly see and communicate that which you need to.

A beautiful crystal, it is a lovely and powerful one to have in your collection.

Crazy Lace Agate

This gorgeous and crazy crystal is here to teach us the deeper meaning of life. It is also very good at encouraging strength, balance, optimism, spirituality, protective, balancing and healing.

The pattern of this crystal appears to be incredibly haphazard, and yet it knows exactly what it is doing. This is what it is here to teach us. Life may seem like it is all over the place at times, yet the universe and your higher consciousness know exactly what is happening and why it is happening. What we have to learn is to learn what the crystal is teaching us and trust that we are on the right path.

It promotes optimism, strength and balance as it absorbs emotional pain which brings in these qualities and allows us to be more joyful and happy in the process.   Able to increase energy and confidence, this crystal protects us on all levels and fiercely promotes healing on every level.

Eye Agate

The eye represents sight and the Eye Agate crystal enables our spiritual sight to grow and expand whilst using this crystal. Intuition, psychic ability and enlightenment all manifest with the use of this powerful crystal. The extra sight also leads to personal growth, development and transformation.

Working on the two higher chakras, it will also help to strengthen our meditation practices which often leads to a more grounded, serene and balanced state of mind and being. Harmonising us on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels, this is a beautiful crystal to add to your collection.

Moss Agate

This treasure of a gem assists us to build self confidence and acknowledgement of our own inner beauty. In doing so, it strengthens and grounds us by healing emotional issues. It draws in abundance and allows us to achieve our potential on all levels. That truly is abundance.

It stabilises and balances us emotionally by blocking emotional exhaustion and helps to prevent mood swings. Linked in to the heart centre, it draws peaceful and harmonious energies into the body and builds our endurance and persistence in the process. Spiritual and powerful, it helps us to build our psychic abilities by promoting heart based love and joyful connections with all beings.

Pink Agate

Pink agates are strongly connected to the heart centre and engender such a strong sense of love and joy, that they, by their very nature, are a strong and powerful healer of all emotional issues.

Promoting self love that strengthens you confidence, it also allows you to send out love in abundance, especially to those sorely in need of some tender, loving care. Knowing your own true worth when you are bathed in the divine energies of these crystals, you will no longer allow anyone to take away your power. Strength, confidence and resilience are all promoted and enjoyed by this divine crystal. Soothing any energies that are in turmoil, these calming crystals give us a new energy that can be harnessed and promoted for the greater good. Able to restore a person both emotionally and spiritually, this crystal is a shining beacon in the crystal kingdom.

White Tree Agate

Tree agates are truly an amazing crystal. So named as they are a white agate with green patterns that often resemble tree branches and foliage, Able to affect multiple chakras, these unusual and beautiful crystals help us on multiple levels. They are very much crystals of inner peace, harmony, grounding, heart helpers, spiritual helpers and all over general helpers.

These crystals are associated with multiple chakras, the first being the base chakra. As a result, they are grounding and help to increase our strength and stamina.

They also open the heart chakra. This allows us to send and receive love and draw in abundance. True abundance is to do with the heart and solar plexus chakras and promotes self confidence and maturity.

White tree agate also opens the crown chakra and promotes more proficient and deep meditation. They are calming as they engender a sense of inner peace and clarity. They also quieten the mind. They are fantastic at clearing blockages which assists with neuralgia.

White tree agate also have a deep connection with nature not only because of their name, but by the very essence of their colour and inner structure. With the heart centre connected to the spiritual world and the tree branches and foliage able to connect to the earth, this crystal teaches you all you need to know!

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