All agates have the basic properties of the agate crystal. Additionally, they also have the specific properties of that particular agate. First, read the description of all agate crystals and then read the more specific properties of the crystal of interest.

Agate is a subtle yet powerful healer that has a long lasting impact. They have the ability to find the true cause of an issue and work on that to achieve success. These crystals are grounding and are powerful cleansers. They stabilise and harmonise and are capable of uncovering facts and allowing you to see them, bringing hidden information to light.

They are soothing and calming and assist in self acceptance. Able to facilitate overcoming bitterness, they can also heal inner anger by bringing love into the chakras. They are capable of facilitating spiritual growth and helping us to be more courageous.

These crystals may not seem to be the fastest workers but they have a very long lasting impact. They balance our energies whilst protecting us, both from others and from negative energies. They are capable of dispelling fears and thereby encouraging strength, both in the emotional and the mind. They encourage creativity and allow us to be ourselves more on a daily basis with increased self-confidence and awareness.

An agate crystal is a form of chalcedony and is frequently, yet not always, banded.

Some of Our Agate Proudcts