Labradorite – Size 7½


This big and beautiful labradorite ring is a king of the jungle. Gorgeously intricate wire work adorns the very strong crystal to achieve an effect that is quite bold. 

Approximate crystal size: 24 x 18mm (encased)
Approximate weight: 5.2g
Metal: solid s925 sterling silver
Crystal: genuine Labradorite cabochon.

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Labradorite is a true powerhouse of the crystal kingdom. Known for its abilities to bring out the Goddess within, to strengthen and recharge, and to bring in the magical and the mystical into your life. Brilliant at protecting you on multiple levels, it heightens your psychic abilities and greatly contributes to learning, growing and healing.

Additionally it is truly the crystal of love, peace, hope, joy and all heart centred energies and matters.  Known for its ability to allow you to heal, communicate relationship matters and power ahead emotionally (to name but a few), it is a master crystal that is indeed very powerful.

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You may, or may not, receive this exact ring. The colour of the ring may also be different to what is displayed on your device as different devices display colours in a diverse manner.

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