Major properties: Goddess energy, power, magic, mystic, psychic, spiritual, recharge, move forward, awareness, protective, deflects unwanted energies, wisdom, strength, highly spiritual, growth, communication, take control, acceptance.

Labradorite is a magical and mystical crystal with massive psychic capability which helps and harnesses the Inner Goddess within us all. Well known for its spiritual connectivity, it is able to recharge us, helps us to move forward, protects us and helps us to recognise our purpose.

This is a highly protective crystal, both in the psychic, emotional and physical realms. It deflects unwanted energies and protects them from entering your energy fields.

This crystal also helps you to understand yourself, your motives, your reactions and then helps to reinvent yourself. Your wisdom grows the more you utilise this crystal and you are able to move forward more easily than before.

It strengthens you on multiple levels by clearing past rubble including fears and insecurities. It helps you to embrace change and recognise your purpose and destiny. It helps to recharge you on all levels.

Highly spiritual and magical, this crystal will enhance your own psychic abilities and foster growth and better communication with the psychic world. It empowers you to take control over what you can and accept that which you cannot. It increases psychic and telepathic communication and works willingly with the top four chakras to increase your spiritual prowess.

This crystal is very much about power – yours.

Labradorite is a true master of the crystal kingdom.

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