Jade Round Bracelet


This beautiful, gentle and powerful Jade bracelet is not only going to be a stunning bracelet to wear but it will also help you to advance on spiritual and heart centre levels whilst it bedazzles everyone with its beauty. Strong, amazing and shimmering, this is truly a gorgeous piece of jewellery!

Crystal Measurement: Approximately 6 mm
Weight: Approximately 8.2g
Bracelet length: Approximately 17.8cm
Material: Solid s925 Sterling Silver
Crystal: genuine round Jade crystals.

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Jade is beautiful, deep, heart centred crystal which heals and uplifts on multiple levels. Helping with the heart centre as well as wisdom and knowledge, this deep and meaningful crystal allows us to progress on many levels. Amethyst  is a powerful master healer and an absolute must in your crystal collection. Known for its psychic and mental abilities, amethyst is a true spiritual masterpiece. 

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You may, or may not, receive this exact bracelet. The colour of the bracelet may also be different (usually only slightly) to what is displayed on your device as different devices display colours in a diverse manner.

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