Major properties: heart centred, deep soul cleansing, heart centre healing, deep soul cleansing, abundance, prosperity, joy, happiness, nurturing, relationships, knowledge and wisdom, trust, harmony, recovery from loss, soothing, calmness …

Folklore says Jade is a crystal of the heart and all emotional healing. It also says that this beautiful crystal brings in abundance, prosperity, knowledge, harmony and love. This crystal can help us to heal emotional issues including loss and disharmony. It allows us to live in a more harmonious and trustful state as it allows us to be more knowledgeable and wise. It is a soothing and nurturing crystal that is most capable of initiating a calm approach to life.

Jade has a depth to it that transcends simple, ideological thought patterns and opens us up to the beauty and joy that surrounds us on a daily basis. It is a powerhouse crystal for the heart centre and assists on multiple levels to heal, repair and uplift so that we can once again enjoy our lives on a new and deeper level.

This amazing crystal teaches us to listen, not to the thoughts and beliefs of others, but to trust our own judgement when we need to listen to our own heart and intuition. When our heart is listened to, our heart centre is a then in a very joyous and enjoyable state. It performs a deep, soul cleansing that leave us in a more profoundly serene state.

This beautiful crystal has for many eons been regarded by multiple cultures as a crystal that is incredibly beneficial in drawing in abundance and prosperity. Abundance can take many forms and includes material wealth, emotional and psychological abundance. Said to be able to help in business, a jade crystal in the cash drawer may help to stimulate good business growth.

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