Infinity Earrings


The infinity symbol reminds us of the eternalness of our soul and our continual journey through this life and others. Gorgeously made, these casted, sterling silver earrings are petite yet very strong and solid, just as we need to be to ride the waves of life. 

Approximate size of whole earring: 5 (width) x 25 (total drop) x 1mm
Approximate weight: 1.11g
Metal: solid s925 sterling silver

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The infinity symbol repress the timelessness and continuation of life and existence for all. There is not any beginning nor any end, just the continuation of all. It is timeless, endless, beautiful and joyful.

It also represents the continual journey of the soul. We are here, we ascend, we come back, we continue. In reality, no beginning, no end. Just a continual existence and awareness that we are a single being who has multiple incarnations on this earth and a teaching to respect and honour all, especially our own being. 

Read more here about the metaphysical properties of s925 sterling silver.

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