Bumble Bee Studs


So incredicbly important to our world, these angelic beings are trying to teach us that we must look after our planet, our selves and each other. Bees are necessary for the polination process but their numbers are in distress, commonly attritubed to the human population not looking after this planet in the way that we need to. They are also teaching us how important each one of us is. 

Total height: 8mm
Metal: solid s925 sterling silver oxidised

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Like to be able to eat? That is why we need these important little creatures.

These little creatures have many messages and lessons for us to learn. We can no longer ignore the damage being caused to this planet and the plethora of beings who are being stressed to the max by our inactions. A beautiful reminder that we would be best served by looking after everyone, and everything, on this planet. 

Read more here about the metaphysical properties of s925 sterling silver.

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