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Short description: Assists with freedom from restrictions, blocks and fears; allows abundance, self-empowerment, achievements, strength, acceptance, deserving, knowledgeable ….. 

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Available in two sizes: 50ml at $18 and 100ml at $25.

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Freedom Essence is about liberating us from all unwanted and unnecessary restrictions, no matter what they are, or on what level they are affecting us. It enables the strong power that is within each of us to be bought to the surface to assist us in reaching our greatest potential.

Blocks can exist within us on every level. It is possible we have a mind belief which prevents us from creating, starting, or finishing a project. It may be that we have an emotional block, such as unworthiness, that is blocking our path, or it may be fears that are causing disruptions to our whole self.

Freedom Essence allows us to be free of fear and to be in our own power. It allows us to not be drawn into dramas that are not ours or of our own doing. We feel safe and it empowers us to achieve what is in our highest being’s bests interests. We are free from the fear of taking in all that is available and of reaching our highest potential. We are released from the chains that bind us in whatever forms those chains take.

There is abundance available on all levels, but we can fear or block this abundance. For some it may be a belief of unworthiness. For others a fear of having abundance and then losing it so we do not want to be successful, abundant and thus free of the heartache of scarcity. We can then on some level choose to remain on the scarcity plane. Some fear that abundance can lead to materialism and take them away from their true self, power and goals.

These are not the only fears or blocks that we have. Whatever block or fear we may have, this beautiful essences helps us to overcome them, becoming stronger, accepting, deserving, powerful and knowledgeable in the process.

Instead of allowing blocks and fear to influence or rule our lives, Freedom releases us from the chains and enables us to soar as far and as high as we wish to go.

Freedom clears our outdated belief systems and enhances our strength. When we let go of the unwanted and the unnecessary, it is truly amazing what each of us can achieve.

This essence enables us to be master of our own destiny, instead of being trapped within the shackles which no longer serve our highest good.

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