Short description: Assists with full alignment of heart to higher purpose, correct path, understanding, focus on the whole, power, deep healing, purity, dispels illusions …..

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This beautiful, powerful and amazing essence achieves the full alignment of our heart centre to our higher self so that our desires are in perfect alignment with our greater good, or our higher purpose. Dispelling illusions, it achieves understanding to allow us to focus on our whole being while activating a deep healing and a sense of peace and contentment within.

Often what our heart wants is not necessarily what is in our higher self’s best interests. We can feel that we want the big house, the expensive car, the expensive baubles, and that if we have copious amounts of money, we will be happy. This essence helps us to realise this is not what is necessary. Not only is it not necessary, but it can actually damage us, for we can lose ourself by pursuing unnecessary desires which take us away from our soul self.

This powerful essence helps to keep us on the correct path for our soul journey. It cuts away the unnecessary illusions caused by unaligned desires. It creates a deeper understanding of ourselves and our essential being as we are not confined to chasing heart desires from a short term view. We understand our deeper purpose and we are able to focus on the whole being and the true wealth that we can create by feeling and desiring what is best for our whole self over the longer, full journey.

Melting away short sighted temptations we learn to focus our energy and harness all the power within us. We understand the difference between the cream puffs, the desires that we think will make us happy, but just leave us with a clogged up system, and the sweetest and most delicious natural heart offering which fulfil us in such a heartfelt way that it leaves us in no doubt as to this really is what we desire, and achieving it will enrich our heart, our mind and our soul, our essential being, on every level. It will raise us up, instead of allowing the gunk to pull us down.

Incredibly powerful, this essence allows us to grow, to understand, to feel the warmth in our heart which is the greatest and strongest emotion of all, when we act in the best interests of every part of us. It gives us a sense of security because we have this feeling that we are choosing the right actions for ourselves. We are following a true heart path, rather than a momentary or impulsive spike.

Alignment Essences gives us a deeper, certain heart knowledge of what to do and which choices to make. It helps with courage to do what is best for us, the strength to go the whole distance, and the wisdom to know the correct choices to make for the best overall higher self, promoting our personal power. It achieves a greater knowledge, certainty, inner peace, contentment, and letting go of fear. It engenders a greater depth of understanding due to the full knowledge of all levels of events and their consequences. This essence also achieves a higher level regeneration and a deep healing within ourselves.

Alignment Essence is genuinely about purity. Purity of the heart and about what is better for our higher self and the heart being in complete agreement and alignment. It is always about knowing the right path for ourself and choosing the right actions. The state achieved by this essence is: Now I’ve got it. Now I understand!

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