Amazonite – Sizes 8, 9


These beautiful Amazonite rings engender such a peaceful state, that you will not ever want to take them off. Gorgeous, soothing, assisting with communication and heart centre abilities, these hand-made divine rings will absolutely have you celebrating the joy of the crystal. 

Approximate crystal size: 19 x 14mm 
Weight: Approximately 3.7g
Material: Solid s925 Sterling Silver
Crystal: Amazonite

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Amazonite is a beautiful crystal with the ability to open and activate both the heart and throat chakras. Also assisting with abundance, communication, healing, creativity, nature and so much more, it is a significant crystal to include in your collection. 

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You may or may not receive the exact ring that is displayed here. The colour of the crystal ring received can also vary (usually only slightly) to the image displayed. The colour that is displayed depends not only on the actual colour of the individual crystal but also on your monitor/device that displays the product.

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Weight 0.5 kg