Major points: open and connect heart and throat chakras, healing abilities, compassion, psychic abilities, speaking truth, creativity, abundance, knowledge, nature, connecting with nature fairies, peaceful, joy,

Amazonite is as the name suggests, very much an amazing crystal capable of assisting on multiple levels.

This crystals allows you to open and connect with both the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It allows you to connect with universal love and communicate accordingly. It promotes healing abilities and assists with compassion for yourself and others.

It is also a very spiritual crystal and assists in enhancing your psychic abilities and in particular, clairaudience. It also assists in speaking your truth and knowing the difference between realism and false positivism.

Creativity and the ability to manifest abundance are both assisted by Amazonite. It can also ease irritability and assist in recovery from traumatic events. Allowing you to let go of fear and worry, it helps us to move on with our lives so that we can create the life we came to experience.

This crystal is also very tuned in to nature and bring the nature fairies into your life and into your garden when you have this crystal with you.

Peaceful, joyful and bringing in abundance, this crystal is a beautiful crystal for the soul and your connection to the soul.

Astrological sign: Virgo.

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