Abandon Ease


Short description: Promotes releasing unresolved feelings in relation to abandonment issues, both feeling abandoned or feeling you are the instigator of an abandonment situation.…..

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Available in two sizes: 50ml at $18 and 100ml at $25.

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This essence is excellent for those who have abandonment issues.

It may be that you were abandoned at a time of need and are still feeling the effects of that situation. This essence allows you to release all issues in regards to being abandoned and find peace and understanding in the process. Understanding the bigger picture and knowing that you are a truly unique and precious being is part of your life path process. This can assist in clearing the path to a brighter and happier future.

Or it may be that you have unresolved feelings in regard to a possible abandonment of someone or something that you have not processed and possibly not forgiven yourself for. Understanding the reasons for your actions and allowing yourself to forgive and/or to realise that what occurred was also part of this life path process, allows you to be free of emotions which do not help but merely hinder. Knowing that there is a much deeper reason for everything, a reason or reasons that we may not always understand in the present but need to trust that there is a higher purpose and positive reaction for every action that we make, allows us to move forward with far greater freedom than we have had in the past.

This essence is a bottle of bliss that allows free forward movement to a happier and more peaceful state. A state and life to be enjoyed, not endured!

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