Major properties: heart chakra and base chakra, draws in love and joy, peace and contentment, mental clarity, soul life purpose

Rhodonite is a deeply healing crystal with a focus on the heart, upper heart and base chakras, allowing for both emotional healing and grounding and balancing.

This crystal’s connection to the base chakra ensures that it grounds, cleanses and balances which in turn leads to emotional balancing as it is connected with the heart chakra. This can impact on relationships as it encourages forgiveness and acceptance. It is also very calming and peaceful. The grounding aspect of the crystal assists us to have mental clarity as it frees the mind to see things as they are, and not to see matters out of fear or panic.

This crystal also assists in attracting love, happiness and joy. It promotes unconditional love and assists us on the spiritual path. As it is associated with the heart centre, it can bring out hidden or latent talents and assists you to follow your true life path purpose.

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