Rhodonite – Size 9


This gorgeous genuine Rhodonite cabochon ring will sing to your heart centre as well as be an absolute visual feast for your eyes. Beautiful, enchanting and containing a great deal of hand-made rawa work of differing shapes and sizes, this beautiful ring will be a joy to wear.

Approximate size of ring face: 19 x 10 mm
Approximate weight: varies 3.8g
Material: Solid s925 Sterling Silver
Crystal: Genuine Rhodonite cabochon

Available in sizes: 9.

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Rhodonite is a gorgeous crystal which works on both the heart centre and the base chakra. It gives a wide range of healing benefits from attracting love and joy to mental clarity. 

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You may, or may not, receive this exact ring. The colour of the ring may also be different (usually only slightly) to what is displayed on your device as different devices display colours in a diverse manner.

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