Short description: Assists with the inner sage, accelerated learning, open mind, understanding, whole picture, smoother path, clarity, happiness, contentment …..

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This beautiful and gentle yet powerful essence brings out the inner sage in all of us. It helps us to be on an accelerated process or path to gain greater wisdom.

Wisdom Essence assists in giving us a better understanding of people, events and situations. It opens up our mind to the many possibilities for any circumstance or event, and then allows us to see the most likely impact for any chosen action. Consequently, we are better able to understand ourselves and our actions as well as others and the higher consciousness ramifications and implications.

Instead of thinking and acting with a short term view and benefit thought pattern, it allows the mind, heart and soul to understand both the short, mid and long term possibilities and probabilities and act accordingly. We make better choices as we are not immersed in the imminent implications, but see a much clearer whole picture.

We are able to enjoy a much smoother path or journey rather than rough and choppy seas. In doing so it brings the stars into our eyes, illuminating the night, and we are able to see wisdom.

The attributes of this essence enables calmness, acceptance, personal power, confidence (in ourselves, our choices, our decisions), clarity, happiness, and contentment. This truly is one for these times. 

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