Cleanse and Protect


Short description: Assists with cleansing and protecting the aura, charkas and environment, promotes insight, creativity and meditative states …..

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Available in two sizes: 50ml at $18 and 100ml at $25.

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This powerful essence cleanses the aura and the environment of disharmonious energies. It cleanses all of the charka centres of the body and is particularly powerful for the top four charkas to allow for clarity of mind, heart and soul as well as being very powerful in the cleaning of rooms to ensure a peaceful and balanced atmosphere.

This essence releases and removes toxic thought patterns and entity attachments and protects and seals and gaps in the aura to negate any psychic attacks. It also allows for insightful and creative solutions to challenges.

Cleanse and Protect Essence is a powerful cleanser for any time of the day or night, and is also particularly useful to use prior to meditation.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 cm

50ml, 100ml