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Short description: Assists with dual purpose: helps mental patterns, strengths, balance: bridge gap between mind, body, soul; wisdom, balance, understanding …..

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The Mind Essence is an incredibly interesting, dual purpose essence. It assists those who are too much in “The Mind” to bridge the divide between mind, heart and soul. Conversely, it also helps those who may feel matters with a great depth of emotion to have a greater all-round perspective so that they feel a more balanced and relaxed awareness.

When our focus is purely on mind matters, and not on our heart or soul, it can create fog, scatter and inner divisions. As we become so caught up in the mental processes of life, we can be unable to feel the necessary and required emotions to make good life decisions, those decisions that serve us best on every level. The first role this essence has is to increase our holistic or metaphysical abilities and awareness such as understanding and whole life knowledge. It can increase sensitivity if that is what is required. Consequently, this essence helps the mind to work better whilst at the same time bridging the truth gap.

Conversely, for those of us who feel they have a greater depth of emotion and may suffer because of this, it helps foster a mental understanding, knowledge and wisdom of the situation and helps to keep us on more of an even keel. It helps us to concentrate on mental functions such as clarity, sharpness and greater focus.

This essence helps both sides of the coin to understand that each element of us is important, and needs to be cared for, respected, allowed to function to its fullest, and achieve balance between all aspects of our being. It also nurtures our hidden strengths and brings them into the foreground.

It draws back these aspects of ourselves which are in hyper-drive or too dominant so that we can blend and synergise each aspect to create a powerful, yet balanced and more complete, and sometimes a more beneficially complex dynamo capable of achieving far more than we ever have in the past.

The Mind Essence creates warmth and laughter where it may be lacking as there is less confusion. It gives a very direct focus if this is lacking. It also transcends the pure physical being to be a more rounded, whole, fulfilled being. A more balanced and peaceful state can be achieved as it assists in negating mind racing and incessant mental chatter. It can also assist when feeling “blue”.

A greater spiritual connection to the higher consciousness is enabled as often a mental “overdrive” can block our connection to this consciousness. It also assists in increasing and/or achieving a more practical approach in life if this is not currently the state of play. It assists in opening up the third eye is this is not yet activated and also assists in unblocking the two top major charkas. It awakens the soul so that it can achieve to its fullest potential.

Mind Essence is a highly and incredibly evolved essence. It increases psychic awareness and accelerated growth on all levels as it is capable of pulling all parts of the self together to move forward with greater focus. It has an incredibly powerful strength that almost defies logic and greatly assists a strong, positive approach to life.

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