Short description: Assists with balance on every level, grounds, opens, centres, aligns, all is possible, insight, ying-yang, mind, body, heart and soul, a much smoother path..…..

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Available in two sizes: 50ml at $18 and 100ml at $25.

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It is highly likely that the modern world will pressure us from too many sources. So many pressures do exist so that we can feel that we are not honouring ourselves on all levels.

Balance essence helps to bring back some real balance in our lives. Feeling like you are working far too many hours and not getting enough personal time? Feel like everyone is putting pressure on you to give more, to learn more, to do more? This essence is the one for you. It makes us aware that we must prioritise looking after ourselves on every level, not just one or two levels.

The combination of different aspects of this essence allows us to ground, open, and centre ourselves as well as drawing back the balance we need to honour our being on all levels.

Balance has the ability to ground us so that we can connect with our basic and fundamental needs of our physical maintenance that is a necessary component of our life. It opens up our mid section to assist in understanding the importance of love, personal power and communication. These personal aspects enable us to grow, to live, to nurture, and to advance on emotional levels. It opens up our top three chakras to find the magical balance and understanding needed for every part of our body including our spiritual being. Knowledge, wisdom, growth and understanding of what we require for this part of our being will bring the beautiful balance and alignment that we need on every level into our whole being.

This beautiful essence gives us a greater insight so that our mind, body, heart and soul know that all is possible and thus enables a much smoother path for us on our journey.    

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50ml, 100ml