Short description: Assists with a peaceful state, correct pace, understanding, personal growth, calm and centred, negates confusion and irritability, look, listen, trust, soothing, understanding, wisdom …..

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In brief – full description pending

  • brings about a peaceful state so that patience may be gained
  • slows down those that rush head-long into turmoil and encourages them to look before they leap
  • brings about an understanding of situations so that you can see if taking it at a slower pace is beneficial
  • very good addition to the personal growth path
  • keeps us calm and centred whilst we learn our patience lessons
  • abates confusion, irritability and many other factors which contribute to imbalance
  • as it deepens our understanding it allows us to progress at a quicker rate
  • reinforces the values of look, listen, trust and wait
  • soothes the short fused of us who can’t bear to wait for anything
  • highlights the value of careful preparation for new ventures, so that precious resources are not lost in a flurry of activity
  • helps us to “chill out”
  • sometimes waiting is unbearable – this essence helps any waiting to be comfortable and profitable by being able to delve more deeply into matters which do require more work
  • helps us to connect the dots of the puzzle
  • teaches us that at times going slower does not waste time, but rather saves us time as we are not scattered or pulled in countless directions
  • shows us that it is well worth the wait

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