Cylindrical Wire Drops


These amazing wire wrapped, cylindrical dangle earrings are an absolute beauty to behold. Unusual, delicate and masterful, these gorgeous wirework earrings will certainly be a talking point for all. Reminiscent of a lantern which shows us the light, these distinct and specialty drop earrings are a beautiful pair to own!

Approximate size of whole earring: 8 (width) x 30 (total drop) x 8mm
Approximate weight: 1.52g
Metal: solid s925 sterling silver

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Elegant and dazzling, these beautiful earrings are made of solid s925 sterling silver. Geometrically and metaphysically, cylinders can, to name just a few, release energy blockages, restore energy flow, release pain, expand consciousness, draw in energy and connect with spiritual beings. 

Read more here about the metaphysical properties of s925 sterling silver.

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