Short description: Assists with connecting mind, heart and soul, clears unnecessary emotional baggage, helps resolve dilemmas ….. 

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Available in two sizes: 50ml at $18 and 100ml at $25.

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Often we can mentally know something,  however far too often we do not truly feel what we know. These is a dis-connect between mind and heart. We may intellectually know we deserve the best the universe has to offer, but feeling it can be an entirely different matter. We do not deeply feel it on a soul level. Despite repeatedly trying to connect these two paradigms, we have so far been unable to do so. This amazing essence helps us to connect the two. What we know in our mind, we will also deeply feel and believe in our heart.

This essence is also brilliant at allowing all parts of our physical being to connect o our higher consciousness. Sometimes we can be torn between two options, unsure of which one to take. This essence helps us to connect to our higher self, enabling us with crystal clear clarity, to make the correct decisions for our whole being, not just for the small part of us that leads us into difficulties. 

Whether it is to connect all parts of the conscious body, the whole being, or the whole universe, this essence is an extremely valuable addition for the journey of life.

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50ml, 100ml