Circle Bracelet


This beautiful solid, circle bracelet reminds us of so much in life. The circle can represent the eternalness of life and your journey, a cycle completed and another one about to commence, the whole of this planet and all on it and so much more. Made with solid s925 sterling silver, this rollo chain bracelet is a gorgeous piece of jewellery that will have a special place in your heart!

Face width : Approximately 15mm
Bracelet length: Approximately 17cm + 2cm extension
Weight: Approximately 1.55g
Material: Solid s925 Sterling Silver Rollo chain

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This amazing piece of jewellery will not only be a beautiful bracelet to wear, it also helps you, from a metaphysical point of view, as well.

The bracelet can be adjusted to 17cm or 19cm to allow for greater comfort and flexibility.

Read more here about the metaphysical properties of s925 sterling silver.

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