Major properties: assists in communication and all throat matters, intuition and meditation, clearing all negativity associated with these areas, general health, ehesight, good luck crystal, clarity, logic, knowledge, wisdom.

In progress: soon to be added to.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is very much about the throat area and higher chakras. It is also about abundance and prosperity, dispelling negativity, intuition, meditation, throat chakra, communication, expression. Enhances relaxtion, protects psychically, emotionally supportive, very good for meditation …. more to come.

Yellow Topaz

Lemon Topaz is a bright and refreshing, light crystal that brings a lot of joy and energy in to your life. The sweetness of this crystal goes a long way to picking up your energy in a light and helpful way.

This crystal is very good at bringing positive energy into your fields and providing emotional support and allows expression of your emotions to occur. Luck and abundance are also assisted by this crystal.

Linked to the solar plexus which is your power centre, it generates self belief and confindence as well as increasing your energy and your will. It also protects you from not only your own less than beneficial decisions, but also from others.

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