Shiva Eye

Major properties: calming, nurturing peacful, joy, relaxing, spiritual growth, enlightenment, uplifing, feminity, intuition.

The Shiva Eye is a seashell and so includes all of the properties of the sea. It is calming, nurturing, balancing, peaceful and joyful. It quietens the mind and is very relaxing.

The Shiva Eye shell also represents the third eye and the spirituality that this includes. Signifying wisdom, understanding and enlightenment, it brings forth spiritual development.

It is an uplifting crystal that eliminates fear and brings joy back into your life. Adventure and good times beckon you when you use this crystal. It is also said to ward off bad dreams and quietens the mind.  

Additionally it incorporates a spiral which is a symbol of spiritual development. It also represents intuition, femininity, fertility, childbirth, our place in the universe and knowledge and growth as a spiritual being. Creation and growth are also represented by spirals.

This crystal is found in Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.

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