Red Tiger’s Eye

Major properties: energy, strength, power, confidence, motivation, grounding, power ….

Red Tiger’s Eye is a strong and powerful crystal that helps us on energetic, power, confidence, grounding, motivational and creative levels.

Said to assist with physical strength and vitality, the Red Tiger’s Eye crystal is a very powerful one to add to your collection.

Known to be highly energetic and to help us on these levels, this crystal also allows us to be in our own power or to reclaim our power should it have been dispersed or hijacked. It allows us to be confident and to move forward with our power and our energy.

Known to be grounding and therefore helping with mental strength and resilience, it also assists on the creative level. Also believed to be able to assist the body’s metabolic rate and alleviating pain levels, it also supports in the areas motivation, strength, self confidence and self esteem.

Beautiful, healing, and a powerful one to have in our crystal treasure chest.

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