Major properties: vision, self worth, highly spiritual, emotional assist, mental functions, protective, teaching …

Purpurite is a crystal of vision, self worth, meditation, spiritual enhancement, joy, happiness, mental clarity and strength, knowledge, transmutes negative energies and protects us from lower energies, shows us the true path that we belong on, allows us to be in the moment, and increases our joy and happiness on all levels.

Purpurite is a highly advanced crystal which assists us on a spiritual plane in a variety of ways. It helps to open the third eye and increase our connection and vision with the spirit world. These leads to a higher and stronger connection with the spiritual beings who assist us on a daily basis, who can increase our metaphysical awareness, knowledge and learning and develop our intuition. It creates a stronger and more vibrant awareness of what the truth is and develops us towards a better way of living, a more spiritual based life. We are protected by the Spirit World when we use this crystal.

On the mental plane it assists with clarity, strength and knowledge. It promotes an awareness that assists with our sense of self-worth and allows us to feel stronger within our own awareness. Clearer thought patterns find it easier to emerge when this crystal is used on a regular basis.

Predominantly a Crown Chakra crystal, it also works on the throat chakra as it stimulates clear, tactful and mindful communication. It also greatly assists public speaking. It also allows the Heart Centre to access the Sprit World to release past habits and feelings which no longer serve our higher purpose. Clearing this leads us to a happier and more joyful existence.

A powerful crystal and one well worth having in our collection.

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