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Short description: Assists with removing stubborn emotional and spiritual pain and blockages, promotes peacefulness, wholeness, clarity …..

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Available in two sizes: 50ml at $18 and 100ml at $25.

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This powerful essence helps to remove stubborn, ground-in layers of emotional and spiritual pain. It releases past and present blockages that prevent chi or prana from freely flowing throughout our entire systems.

There can be numerous causes of pain. It can be caused by blockages, by the unknown, by lack of clarity, past actions (either our own or that of others), by loneliness, boredom, lack of freedom or lack of knowledge, to name but a few.

This beautiful essence has the habit of melting away bumps and bruises and healing and filling cuts and chasms, thus allowing for clarity and a free flowing, rolling on through life. It smooths away the rocks and thorn bushes to allow free movement on all levels and a smoother journey through life. It is capable of moving mountains of rubble to ensure an easy path through the dense forest.

Pain Free Essence represents the whole, the truth, the known. It reveals itself in such a way that it unfolds before you, allowing the free flowing of all energy channels. Its undulating streams of energy clear away all of the jagged edges that cause emotional, spiritual and mental pain, and frees the disharmonious energies to allow a relaxed, whole, calm and pain free state.

This essence also helps the forgiving process which is a common factor of the pain paradigm. It shifts our conscious level to a higher plane and helps us to realise and understand our more perfect self. Moving past the chinks caused by learnt behaviour, it allows us to learn better ways that are more in keeping with our higher consciousness. We also become free of the pain associated with scarcity.

Amazingly, this essence allows us to just be ourself on every level and not be distracted by any pain. There is no need for any armour, which causes a whole lot of pain on its own. We are weapon free, as weapons cause pain in one way or another. We either injure ourselves or we injure others (which also means that we do injure ourselves). We become the pacifist, the strength of the earth, rather than the warrior. Warriors have too many wounds. The pacifist learns to deflect any attack so that injury and pain do not enter the arena.

Pain Free Essence allows healthy, vibrational healing to occur. It engenders a sense of peacefulness and gives the feeling of ‘all is good in life’.

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