Tourmaline crystals are many and varied. Red, watermelon, green, black, pink, blue, yellow, neon, brown and black all are colour variants of this amazing crystal. At times highly prophetic, all of these variations have their own areas of assistance to help us all on our current incarnation.

Tourmaline is known to be a highly cleansing and grounding crystal, bringing us back down to earth and therefore more practical. It releases blockages in our chakras during the cleansing process. All tourmalines have highly transformative powers, giving us the ability to go past our limits and achieve in ways we did not think possible.

It is a highly prized crystal due to it being a Sharman crystal and therefore highly protective, particularly on psychic levels. It allows us to connect with the Spirit world and grow on multiple levels so that we are no longer chained by our own misconceptions. Wonderfully enlightening, this crystal will be a powerful ally on our journey.

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