Pearls of wisdom is a common expression, and one for which there is much justification. A Pearl is a tool to connect with the Sprit World and access their wisdom for your growth and progression in this lifetime. The purity of the Pearl is also linked to the Sprit World as they help to promote a more spiritual way of life, one that is not drawn down to lower energies where the focus is not upon the spiritual progression of the soul. Representing femininity, they are also seen to repel negative energies and protect us on multiple levels and also assist with mental clarity.

A Pearl is created from a grain of sand and are therefore a strong representation of the creativity of humankind and their ability to overcome obstacles and create solutions, rather than barriers. They also assist those in the creative arts to channel new ideas and information.

Pearls are also said to assist with fertility and the birthing process, respiratory issues, digestion, joint pain, skin issues and prosperity. They are very calming and assist with balancing our vibrations.

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