Rainbow Moonstone

Major Properties: Joy, highly spiritual, calm, strength, divine, healing, true nature, feminine, goddess warrior, power, mystical, purpose, connect with the greater good, soothing, creative, synchronicity, meditation, digestion, balances all of the feminine, connects with the ancients.

Highly spiritual, divine and mystical, it is said to be one of the few crystals that has a spiritual being in each piece. Greatly enhancing the feminine energy and the goddess warrior, it gives strength, power and purpose in this lifetime and is very much linked to divine energy, healing, learning and teaching.

Powerful and strong, this crystal reminds us of our feminie warrior abilities. Linked to the moon and all things lunar, it can assist us to be both gentle and caring and also to be the great warrior when we need to be. Being linked to the lunar cycles, it reminds us of the ever present cycles of life, not just of this life, but of all soul lives and brings this life into perspective with the greater good. Assisting in all aspects and healing of the feminine energy, it can also assist the masculine to be more balanced and creative by stimulating the feminine, right side of the brain.

This crystal also assists us to open to the divine energy and accept our soul life plan and psychic gifts. Being one of the advanced crystals, it helps you to understand and evolve in this lifetime and your own personal power, the inner goddess.

This crystals absolutely loves to recharge in the moonlight, but only up to and including the night of the full moon, not after the full moon. It is a very different energy after the full moon which is suited to some crystals, but not this one.

Traditionally linked to the birth months of both June and July, and the Zodiac signs of Cancer, Libra and Scorpio.

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