Major properties: removes blockages, balances, clarity, humanitarianism, psychic abilities, meditation, communication.

Apatite helps to remove blockages and balances us on all levels. It promotes clarity of mind and manifests creative results to overcome any hurdles. It promotes a humanitarian attitude to enhance the societal greater good. It is also a very good teaching crystal bringing out the better qualities and attitudes for all.

As it works on the Third Eye chakra it brings about clarity and finding solutions for all situations. It enhances and promotes all spiritual and psychic endeavours and helps us to achieve a better quality of life.

It can also assist one’s actual physical apatite. It can help to calm an overactive apatite and also stimulate a sluggish one.

This beautiful crystal also works on the Throat Chakra and assists with all forms of communication. It is also knows to release burdens and clear past negative energies from all levels.

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