Major properties: strength, protective, grounding, self-confidence, vitality.

Both Onyx and Agate are forms of Chalcedony, with many types of Onyx having parallel bands as opposed to Agate’s non parallel bands.

Onyx is a crystal that helps us to feel strong, powerful, safe and protected and purportedly also assists the nervous system. It is a grounding crystal which stabilises our emotional body and helps us to feel more self confident in our own abilities.

Calming and nurturing, Onyx also increases our energy and vitality levels and assists in helping our immune system. Folklore also suggests that it strengthens bones, regulates our fluid levels and assists in nutrient uptake. A beautiful crystal, Onyx is a jewell well worth having in our collections.

Green Onyx

Green Onyx is an amazing crystal that empowers us to move forward in life in a strong and powerful way. It gives us the self confidence to know that we can more forward and not fear the future and not stay stuck in the past.

It is a heart centred crystal which helps us heal emotionally and folklore suggests it also helps the physical heart. It encourages states of peacefulness, joy and happiness, and opens and aligns the heart centre with the mind.

It helps focus, memory, is soothing and improves creativity.

Powerful, moving, and magnificent, this crystal is a real powerhouse of the crystal kingdom.

Black Onyx

Black onyx is a highly protective crystal that absorbs negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy. It also protects you from low energies. It increases your understanding of life by helping to understand the circle of life and rebirth. Black onyx easily connects to the higher realms and promotes connection to the spirit world and promotes psychic ability. This crystal can also help to alleviate loneliness and helps you to feel loved and protected. It assists in making wise decisions. It provides strength and self discipline when needed and brings in happiness and good fortune.

Striped and Banded Onyx

Striped onyx is about containment, but not in a restrictive way. It is trying to contain and focus all of the power of the individual, and keep it focused in the correct direction. It also contains energy so that stress is reduced as your energy is not scattered to the four winds. It keeps us grounded and together, thereby reducing emotional and mental upheaval.

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