Major properties: still working on it! strength, protective,

Green Onyx

Heart centrre, calmness, boosts confidence and courage allowing you to go forward in life, peacefulness, joy, happiness, opens and aligns the heart centre with the mind, helps focus, contentration, memeory, soothing, improves creativity ….. more to come

Black Onyx

Black onyx is a highly protective crystal that absorbs negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy. It also protects you from low energies. It increases your understanding of life by helping to understand the circle of life and rebirth. Black onyx easily connects to the higher realms and promotes connection to the spirit world and promotes psychic ability. This crystal can also help to alleviate loneliness and helps you to feel loved and protected. It assists in making wise decisions. It provides strength and self discipline when needed and brings in happiness and good fortune.

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