Major properties: intuition, psychic ability, travel, reproduction, balance, patience, inner Goddess, spiritual growth, psychic ability, healing, true nature, warrior.

Moonstone is named after and very much about the moon, the lunar, the feminine, the Goddess.

It is about harnessing the power, the femininity and the love and joy of this outstanding lunar body and bringing it in to the crystal and the human companion. Moonstone is fantastic in the areas of intuition, psychic ability, travel, reproduction, creativity, patience and digestion.

It is also very much about balance and abundance and helps to carry us forward in a strong and gentle manner.

The colours of Moonstone include the ir

idescent Rainbow Moonstone with the colours of the rainbow shimmering beautifully in many pieces, peach, black, tan and cream.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is discussed in detail here. It is very much about the Inner Goddess, the gentle and strong warrior, the sage, the psychic, the spiritual, the knowing. A beauitufl, powerful and abundant crystal.

Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone is a highly intuitive crystal, helping us to connect to the divine and greatly enhances our metaphysical abilities. This enables the growth of understanding and wisdom. Related to the sacral chakra, it is very nurturing and soothing, said to assist with alleviating such issues as fear, anger, depression and worry. Folklore also suggests that it aids in the digestive, immune and reproductive systems.

All moonstone crystals help the user connect to the divine, the feminie, and the spiritual including clairvoyance. It is also widely rumoured to open you up to possibilities, which can open you up to a much more fulfilled life.

A beautiful crystal and a very valuable addition to your crystal collection.

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