Major properties: Balance, intention, manifestation, amplification, abundance, protective, purifying, heart related, protective, cleansing.

Malachite is a wonderfully healing crystal. A heart centred crystal, it helps to heal us emotionally and grow on a spiritual level. Folklore also says it helps the heart organ.

Known for the ability to be an amazing healer for inner child work, Malachite is also awesome for manifestation and abundance as well as amplifying all energy and intent setting. Having a true ability to be able to draw negative energies and thought patterns to the surface, it allows us to let go of past influences which may still be affecting our lives.

It is a highly protective crystal against psychic attack and negative entities and boosts your imagination and intuition in the process. It also strengthens you on every level and can warn you of impending danger. It is capable of harmonising and linking with all chakras.

Said to purify and shield against radioactivity, it is a very cleansing crystal.

Protective, amplification, and balancing, it is a very powerful piece to wear. 

It is a safe crystal to use only when it is a polished piece.

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