Major properties: Peace, calm, tranquil, good communication, truth, divine love, hope, joy, spiritual growth and learning, contentment, healing, true belief of our own worth, knowledge, meditation, change, heart and throat assistance, creativity, knowledge, wisdom.

The supreme nurturer, this amazing crystal takes you into a tranquil, calm and joyful space. Place a Larimar ring on your finger and it feels like you are just sliding in to the most amazing sea where it is unbelievably calm and peaceful. Whole, together, spiritual, these simple words describe the feeling of this divine crystal.

Opening us up to the truth, this crystal will take us on a journey of divine love, peace and tranquillity. Through Larimar we can find hope, joy, calmness, spiritual growth and learning whilst discovering new ways to find ourselves.  Contentment, healing, and true belief of our own worth can follow and we can find comfort in the knowledge that we truly are whole. This crystal can also be a little mischievous and brings the joy into our lives.

Setting up a link from the naval to the throat chakra and then further up to the crown, this crystal provides knowledge and understanding for us in this lifetime. Able to balance us after all experiences through radiating calmness, this crystal, through divine connection, helps us to heal all heart and throat matters. An excellent aid to deep meditation, it can guide us on a journey through the dense forest.

Also an excellent tool for creating new projects and seeing them through, this beautiful crystal helps us to accept the change that we need.

Deep truth, deep sea, blue sky, this beautiful crystal reminds us of our commitment to our self and our journey here. Providing knowledge, peace, joy and calmness, it helps us to find our way through the maze.

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