Major properties: Major properties: nurturing, creativity, balance, protection.

Jasper is called the “Supreme Nurturer” for a very good reason. It nurtures, it uplifts, it heals torn fragmentations of the aura to make us whole, it helps us to believe in ourselves and our abilities so that there will not be anything that will stop us, and it allows us to be open to all that comes into our world, whether that be abundance, knowledge, skills or healing abilities.

It helps us to mitigate the effects of stress and be more aware of whom we are and our ability to achieve everything we need to. Jasper allows us to feel whole and complete. It is very much an earth crystal which evolves into us feeling that wholeness. Jasper also balances, grounds, protects and assists us with our creativity.

All Jasper crystals have all of these qualities. In addition, the crystals below have additional qualities.

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is a unique and astounding crystal. Folklore says it will present a different picture each time you look at it. That is why it is an outstanding crystal for creative visualisation as it shows you what is possible in this world. It also reminds us that we need to change regularly in order to achieve our highest potential. It is also nurturing and builds our confidence so that we know that we can achieve anything that is in our higher self’s best interests.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a strong, energetic and powerful crystal. Associated with the base and sacral chakras, this crystal is also very nurturing, grounding and stabilising. It is strongly connected to the earth which allows it to not only be grounding and stabilising but also enables a greater human/earth connection and understanding. It is also a gentle crystal and can take time to work so can be very beneficial to the hypersensitive. It can also assists those who are scattered as it helps in the focusing arena.

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