Clear Quartz

Major properties: master healer, cleanses, energises, links to the divine, heals all ailments, balance, concentration, memory, intuition, psychic abilities, immune system, energy amplifier, restorative, programmable.

Said to be a master healer, Clear Quartz is a true powerhouse of the crystal kingdom. Cleansing, energising, and linking to the divine, Clear Quartz is said to be a healing tool for all situations and ailments

Known to clear disharmonious energies from every level, to heal on every level, and to bring forward all knowledge that is necessary for this lifetime, clear quartz is an absolute must crystal to have in your collection.

Having been in existence since the beginning of time, the healing knowledge and abilities that this crystal possesses is quite amazing. Allowing the surfacing of energies that are best dealt with and left in the past, this crystal will help to resolve past issues and rise above all that has affected you leaving these issues in the rear view mirror.

These crystals give a sense of balance and greatly assist with concentration, memory, intuition and tune us in to the higher realm. Heightening our psychic abilities, Clear Quartz Crystals will help to fortify our immune system and amplifies all energy including the energy of all other crystals. Cleansing negative energy, they give each and all of us a power boost as each crystal has amazingly restorative powers.

Some say it is the truly only programmable crystal. Other modern theorists say every crystal is programmable. Whichever view you subscribe to, Clear Quartz is an absolute must have piece for your personal crystal kingdom. Yes, we all do deserve a touch of royalty!

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