Major points: Energises, strength, joy, abundance, creativity, motivation, clarity, imagination, intuition, optimism, digestion and metabolism, positivity, amplifies, new ideas, cleanses, manifests, relieve fatigue and associated pain, metabolism, detoxification, highly protective, self discipline, soothes fears and anxiety, letting go, assists in opening the Third Eye.

The dazzling yellow of citrine makes it a powerhouse of energy, strength, joy, abundance and creativity. One of the few crystals to bring the elements and cleansing abilities of the sun through, citrine is a popular and wise choice for the “crystal savvy”!

Promoting joy and creativity with its brilliance, and belonging to the sun, it cleanses, warms and energises. It transmutes negative energy and promotes positivity. This crystal is excellent at soothing and fostering relationships, both with yourself and with others.

Well known for its powers of abundance and wealth, it has the ability to teach us that true wealth is not about actual money and nor has it ever been, it is about recognising the importance of what abundance actually is, and assisting us in bringing this in to our life.

Predominantly linked to the solar plexus chakra, it is capable of cleansing and balancing all major chakras and also said to be capable of opening the Third Eye.

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