Major properties: love, happiness, joy, emotionally balancing, hope, abundance, fertility, spiritual guidance, compassion, understanding, releasing.

Chrysoprase often has an incredibly deep green hue and is associated with the heart chakra. It can also be a lighter green and can contain multiple colours.

This powerful healing crystal is capable of bringing in joy, love and happiness to your emotional life as well as promoting hope and abundance on multiple levels. It is a highly spiritual crystal which brings through a strong spiritual truth that you can rely on and trust to guide you in your life. It empowers you to understand yourself and your role in relationships for a greater soul purpose understanding.  This Spiritual or Divine love generates compassion and a Universal Love for humanity, the environment and for all beings that inhabit this unique planet. Due to its spiritual nature it is an excellent crystal for meditation.

It is a crystal that can aid acceptance and processing of loss and can also assists in releasing negative emotions. It also assists in the relaxation process and for balancing different levels of the self. Folklore also suggests it is useful in the fertility realm.

Healing, spiritual and forgiving, this is a strong, beautiful, gentle and a strongly healing crystal.

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