Major properties: spiritual master piece, psychic protector, personal and psychic understanding and advancement, heart centre healer, divine.

Charoite is a highly spiritual crystal, working on psychic abilities, communication, transformation, personal knowledge and growth, advancement, emotional healing and the higher chakras.

Charoite assists us on multiple spiritual levels, enabling a better psychic connection as well as protecting us on this level. Allowing better communication and greater insight, peaceful understanding, transformation and knowledge, this crystal is a true beauty.

It brings us into our own being and allows us to completely be who we are. Known to promote a life of spiritual service of the highest order, this crystal will appeal to the advanced soul who can understand the vibration and revel in it. It helps us to understand our role in this Universe and aids in supporting and propelling us forward in our development in this most important role.

Emotionally empowering as it can help to release and clear fear, it opens our heart centre to received abundance and love.

Divine, beautiful and gorgeous, this is an advanced crystal for the advanced soul.

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