Major properties: ancient knowledge, protective, serenity, peace, balancing, uplifting, strengthening, relieves stress and exhaustion, heart centre, happiness, joy, playfulness, lifts spirits.

Ancient, treasured and revered, Turquoise has existed and helped us to prosper over the millenniums.

Turquoise engenders a state of serenity and peace. Known for its ability to bring out the best in us emotionally, it truly is one to hold us up when we need more strength and to guide us forward to a place where we can exist in a more balanced and serene, conscious level.

It assists us when we are exhausted and helps to relieve stress. It also helps us to focus on the heart centre as that is far more important to our overall sense of wellness, happiness and joy. Allowing us to bring out our own inner playfulness, this really is a crystal to assist in times when we need our spirits lifted. It also assists in meaningful communication.

This crystal also contains ancient knowledge that is incredibly beneficial in today’s times.

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